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» I can’t think of anyone who can pull a jaw-breaking smokin’ hot action star with a suave British accent better than Jason Statham. Maybe you’re saying James Bond did it better. Well, I don’t remember James Bond pounding a chick’s wet pussy with his rigid rock in various hot positions in front of a huge crowd in American soil. That being said, Jason Statham is one sexy-ass hunk who’ll always be first in my list.
Kellan Lutz
David Beckham
LL Cool J
Taylor Lautner
» Heath Ledger proudly left us the gayest movie of all time, the Bareback, I mean, the Brokeback Mountain. Millions of gay men and women watched this film over and over again, crying their hearts out every time, but still wishing, deep inside, that more flesh could have been shown. Well, your gay wishes are granted! Here are some outtakes from the Brokeback Mountain featuring Heath Ledger's dick as white as snow! See the pics & vids inside!
Zac Efron
Cristiano Ronaldo
Justin Timberlake
Robert Pattinson
» Not all rock musicians are edgy, some are more versatile than others and that’s probably because not all of them are as hunky and beefy as this former Duran Duran star Warren Cuccurullo. With a juicy muscular body like that and a big succulent cock, he marked something in the music history alright. He was the first rock musician to pose full nude and full erect for a men’s magazine in 2000. Here’s to hoping history repeat itself!
Channing Tatum
Andy Roddick
Chris Brown
Matt Damon
» Because we've seen James's rear countless times in movies like Beau Brummell, Women Talking Dirty, Jilting Joe, and Bright Hair, it's almost a guarantee that every one of his movies will reveal his oh-so-awesome backside. However, Purefoy truly reveals his glory when he strips to his birthday suit in this episode from Rome. Ogle at him as he stands in the courtyard completely naked as he talks to a couple of his men while he is being bathed by a servant. Sign up for more pics of James Purefoy in the flesh!
Liam Hemsworth
Santonio Holmes
Chace Crawford
» Sure we’ve all watched Danielle Radcliffe as Harry Potter, the geeky wizard-boy who just won’t die. But this one’s no Peter Pan. Now that he’s already snapped out of puberty, what you’re looking at right now is a sexy hunk that could make your dicks rock-hard with a peek of his naked and ripped twink body and he just loves being naked. So go ahead and touch your meat-wand, it’s not going to magically rub one out by itself.
Alexander Skarsgard
Greg Oden
50 Cent
Matthew Fox
» While a lot of guys envy Ryan Reynolds for being the guy who gets to fuck Scarlett Johansson every night, it’s the other way around for us. That blonde chick is a lucky bitch for being the chosen one who’s got the privilege to suck and ride a naked Ryan Reynold’s juicy fat rod. While she gets to enjoy his succulent hard meat, a lot of us dream of getting a facial from this super hot stud after a dirty wild fucking!
Brody Jenner
Fabio Cannavaro
James McAvoy
» Sometimes it’s much hotter to be teased by a sexy hunk with a subtle sex appeal. I’m talking about a naked Daniel Craig with his luscious dong dangling shamelessly. James Bond was never really the aggressive type. He’s more like that suave VIP gentleman in your company with the hot tailored suit and sexy serious face who beds different women—and muscle gays every night. In real life though, that last part was Daniel Craig.
Leonardo Di Caprio
Ben Cohen
Brandon Routh
» Just one look at Sylvester Stallone’s ultra-juicy muscular worked-out body, you’d know that he’s a beast in the sack. Ripped abs like doesn’t happen overnight. It comes from years of hardcore workout and extreme physical activities that we’re hoping involves him vigorously flexing his thick hard drooling pole in some lucky fucker’s sweet asshole! No doubt Sylvester Stallone is one smokin’ and stacked muscular stud that gets juicier with time like fine expensive Spanish wine!
Sean William Scott
Sean Lamont
Kanye West
Bradley Cooper
» ou know what they say about wrestlers, they feed on too many steroids ‘til their cocks shrink. Well, not in WWE star Randy Orton’s case it’s not! We all love to flirt with hot muscular well-hung studs like this stacked hunk in the gym. They not only love the attention but they love to keep their adrenaline rushing in the shower room, when you’re on your knees and sucking their big fat juicy cocks ‘til kingdom cum!
Gerard Butler
John Cena
Jason Mraz
Eric Bana
» Who would’ve thought a straight-looking well-hung hunk from Law & Order would go out of his boundaries to go and make a hot gay sex scene? This sex-on-legs stud appeared in several steamy sex scene with another man including the series Oz and ooh la la…seeing his beefy body naked in homo-erotic action with a full view of his juicy dong is enough to make your dicks drool in sexual delight! And that’s even before you see his sensual fuck face…
Jesse Metcalfe
Chuck LiddeLl
Brandon Boyd
Ryan Carnes
» Before the release of the "art film" 9 Songs, Kieran O'Brien was just another unknown soul. But fucking the entire film caught attention since it was REAL fucking! His dick has more screen time than his face: penetrating a french whore and even shooting cumshots! That cock deserves an Oscar! Don't believe me? Sign up to see the clips inside! You'll be horny in no time and how you'd wish that you had 9 songs of your own.
Josh Duhamel
Novak Djokovic
Fred Durst
James Denton
» There are rumors that this Criminal Minds hunk star is indeed gay but has repeatedly denied it. Well if he is actually hetero, a lot people are wondering why he was caught parading his big beautiful dong in a gay beach so freely. It could be that like his character in the series, he likes to be mysterious so let’s keep it as a mystery. However, he can’t blame us for drooling all over his juicy chocolate rod because we want MOORE!
Brad Pitt
John Mayer
Edward Norton
» Maybe it’s his tough guy sex-appeal, maybe it’s his gorgeous ass. But whatever it is, one thing’s for sure, Mark Wahlberg is always going to be one of the hottest male action stars in Hollywood. With a succulent beefy chest like that matched with a hot masculine physique, it’s no wonder why his hetero hotness has been featured in so many magazines as well as hard action movies. But the real action starts here, where we get to see his sexy nakedness, triggering some kinetic action—using our hands!
Paul Walker
Frank Lampard
Jason Lewis
» Julian McMahon plays the ever so charismatic Christian Troy in the tv drama Nip Tuck. Here, he is granting superficial wishes by day and fulfilling carnal desires by night. A typical episode involves Christian Troy fucking the brains out of some curious teen, a hungry whore, or a desperate milf. Whenever there's a sex scene, you get a full view of Julian's juicy daddy ass! See more pics and vids of Julian McMahon aka Christian Troy man-handling all kinds of women inside!
Matt Battaglia
Hugo Hernan Garay
Enrique Iglesias
Rodrigo Santoro
» Limp Bizkit front man, Fred Durst, released a sextape where he not only shows us what he's hiding underneath those baggy clothes that leave everything to the imagination, but also shows us how to use it! Indeed, this sextape is a must-have, featuring Fred fucking the shit out of some whore who's dumb enough to want to be filmed while having sex. While Fred is a good singer, his microphone down there can make women sing out any day. Sign up now to see the sex tape!
Viggo Mortensen
Ricky Hatton
Jared Hasselhoff
Victor Webster
» The Man of Steel wouldn't take it any other way, having the ability to melt plastics wrapped around fans' boners using his laser eye stares and making everyone drool just by looking at his thick firm body, slow and steady in bed is unlikely the way he does it. His looks alone screams fuck hard and fast and, boy, don't we want that all. He's recently back in the market so expect more bitches and fags line up for his cock.
Christian Bale
Lawrence Dallaglio
R Kelly
George Eads
» The former Mouseketeer admits to being bullied when he was a kid and didn't have any friends 'til he reached 14 years old but now has come a long way indeed. With former partners such as Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams, this The Notebook sweetheart and hunky lover is no doubt an in-demand juicy fresh meat getting passed on from one hot chick to the next. Currently with bombshell Eva Mendes, Gosling is surely making his bullies cry with envy.
Casper Van Dien
Oscar De La Hoya
Lenny Kravitz
Dolph Lundgren
» It doesn't really matter how gay this boner... err... Bomer guy is because frankly even straights would want to bend over or should that be, bend the rules a bit, for wanting to taste this hunk's goods. He's very much comfortable going naked for the cameras, and never wary of the fact that he craves sausages than tacos. After three sons with partner Simon Halls, via surrogate, can't help but think how true it is that everything is huge in Texas.
Henry Simmons
Michael Ballack
Brett Michaels
David Duchovny
» Hot family man, with the luckiest bitch who rides his rod everyday, has the same appeal of his hammer when he played Thor in Avengers. Mighty and strong even with clothes on that one can't help but fantasize just how hard that cock can pound a tight cunt and stretch it out pretty damn good like a nail would rip through a satin sheet. Hemsworth is an Australian hunk who we'd love to see hopping around naked with his boner swinging about.
Dean Winters
Lance Armstrong
Pete Wentz
Gale Harold
» Don't mistake this baby-faced English hottie for someone who can't manage to bring the seat up if he needs to because his appeal is too strong that at age 17, he was rumored to have been with a babe 15 years older. One Direction member, Styles, grew up so close with his mom and sis and had tats dedicated to them, which might've triggered the cougar alarm. Ladies swoon over that. More so now that he's starting to get all buffed up and ready for more daring action.
Antonio Sabato Jr
Mike Tyson
David Boreanaz
» One sexy charmers on and off screen, this Irish hunk has been linked to hot babes in the biz such as Britney Spears, Demi Moore, and Angelina Jolie. No shock at all since he's like a walking libido sack dripping with so much juice that he just has to let them have it. A sextape is nothing new and whoever saw him stuffing his former Playboy GF's cunt in 2006 would still be wishing that he has more to show to this day.
Nick Zano
Marat Safin
Robbie Williams
Peter Facinelli
» It has always been him and admit that we're relieved that the sex-crazed vampire-loving Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries chose him over his dickless vamp brother. Somerhalder is the hotter one in and out of his blood sucking character for sure and used his finely ripped body well. Nina Dobrev was lucky to have this hunk for her man for almost 2 years but we're luckier that he's single now and free to flirt and mingle again.
Kellan Lutz
David Beckham
LL Cool J
Taylor Lautner
» One perfect reason why we should be a dog lover? Alpha male Joe Manganiello got us swooning over his extreme sexiness in the equally sexy TV series True Blood. It's quite obvious how huge his... physique is, based from his 6'5" height and 6-pack body built. All those muscles from head to toe, especially the one inside his pants, only got better whenever he takes his clothes off. We will never look at doggie-style fucking the same way again.
Zac Efron
Cristiano Ronaldo
Justin Timberlake
Robert Pattinson


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